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tv   The Hollywood News Report  FOX  December 12, 2015 5:30am-6:00am CST

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exclusive inside look at hollywood's latest films, only on "the hollywood news report." where news is entertainment, and entertainmens. >> brad pitt, ryan gosling, steve carell and director adam mckay took over the zig phil -- ziegfeldldheater in new york to premiere their drama about the financial crisis in america, "the big short." >> when we decided to mount this thing we wanted bale, we wanted gosling, and we wanted carell, and they all jumped in. within two weeks we had this thing put together, and we were down in new orleans mounting the thing. it's great performances by the guys, really great performance. i'm really proud of this one. >> i think you'd be surprised
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it's very much like they're trying to share all this information, and there're all these celebrity cameos. it's put together in this very stylistic way, and yet it's not trying to be sylie, it's just using all these tools to help get the information in. i think adam was looking to do a gut-punch. it's such rerent history, but not a lot ofofeople know what happened, , d it's terrifying. i think this brings so much to light about the fraud, and the injustice of it all. so i think it's rightfully so that people walk out feeling sort of perplexed that it happened in the first place, and
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>> it was a night full of fright as adam scott, toni collette, and allison tolman unleashed their christmas horror movie "krampus" onto hollywood. >> he's like the p pto negative of santa claus. krampus is this creature who comes around every christmas, and takes all the children who haven't been good, puts them into his backpack and takes them away and beats them with sticks, which is a lovely sentiment around the holidays. >> i love horror films. i love horror films regardless, but this, to me, when i saw it for the first time, and when i read it for the first time, it's so much fun, and i think if you do horror properly there's a lot of joy to it, and fear and then relief. i think that this film does that really, really well. >> a christmas taro -- christmas carol is terrifying if you think , about it, it's really a victorian, gothic ghost story. then there's "it's a wonderful life", which is a more contemporary, similar kindndf a tale. so we wanted to sort of carry the torch, and make one even
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>> here's this week's rundown of the top five movies in the usa. >> are sitting here crying about nobody issround you. i'm standing right in front of you. >> he and his helpers did not come to give, but to take. >> when we come back, more from
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>> thanks for jojoing usgain. leles get back to more news on "the hollywoods ." the real story that inspired the classic myth of moby dick. big banks get taken for big bucks. you better watch out, you better coming to town. and, 3 witches, a king, and a prophecy devastates a family. new in theaters. >> after their ship is destroyed by a vicicus whale, chris hemsworth, cillian murphy, benjamin walker, and tom holland take desperate measures to survive on the high seas, in "in the heart of the sea." >> what's the matter, mr. shepard?
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sir. all clear, mr. chase? >> it's jammed. it still won't clear! chris: when i was doing "rush", the first time we worked together, the whole time i thouout "how can i continue this relationship? what else can we do?" i had this script that we were trying to find a director for, and i said "look, if you're not sick of me take a look at this. maybe we could do it again." moby dick was a fictionalized version, and the story was inspired by these events. so this is a true telling, or the origin story, so to speak, of the book. ron: it's the story that inspired melville to write moby dick. so we have melville, who is learning about the story. that's one of our story-telling devices. so i did read a lot about melville, and i was interested in finding, not only the big event of the wale destroying the ship that he used,d,ut also a lot of the details and themes of
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that he may have related to, and applied on a kind of a thematic level, a character level in his book. i'm sure that moby dick also reflected people he had sailed with, because he had been a whaler himself. i'm not so interested in moby dick, except for those influences. i will admit one thing; in one of the scenes with the whale, we had behavior that had been recorded about the whale attack, but i also did want to include some of the behavior that melville wrote about in moby dick, because he wrote the action so brilliantly, and i did want to have an opportunity to bring some of that action to the screen as well. >> a whale, sir, it stove the ship. >> what? >> we lost easton and sanborn. >> to accurately portray the sailors who were lost at sea for 3 months, the entire cast went on an extreme diet. >> prepare to abandon ship. >> we can't row our way home. we'll have to strip her of her sails and jimmy-rig something. tom: one of the most important things for ron about this movie was making it authentic. sosoome of the aspects of this film are real, especially the
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we were gaining weight around the first 3 or 4 months of the movie, so that when we started losing weight it would look even more dramatic. when we did start losing weight, eventually the diet came down to about 500 calories a day, and it changed people, it really did, as you can imagine. i get miserable if i'm hungry now, but can you imagine what it's like when you're starving, but the fact that we did it t a group mad it easer, , d it brought us together. benjamin: i'm looking forward to the job where i can gain 30 pounds, where i can eat every day. what you don't anticipate is that it can affect you emotionally, you're like, "why am i crying all of a sudden? i feel crazy." it's because you're hungry. this actually happened to people, and even though we had a small amount of discomfort comparededo theirs, it's the most respect you can show them to be a little uncomfortable. >> it was a 4 month shoot, so for the final couple of weeks when we had to look incredibly emaciated and beat up, that's how we felt by the time we got there, because each week we reduced the calorie intake, and tried more and more, and the days started to get longer, and we were tired. so for those final scenes we were, i think, as beat to hell
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you just have no energy, and so you're just kind of sitting around while your body attempts to eat itself. >> there's more hollywood news when we return, only on "the
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>> we are back. let's take a look at some more films on "the hollywood news
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>> the american people are getting screwed by the big banks, and i am getting madder and madder. >> it's unbelievable. >> then this guy walks into my office and s ss -- there's some shadydytuff going >> down. brad pitt, christian bale, steve >> carell and ryan gosling take advantage of the banking system and it's greed, in "the big short." michael, how are you? >>michael, how are you? >> i've found something really interesting. the whole housing market is propped up on these bad loans. they will fail. christian: we e nerally are trusting that minds we believe to be better than our own are going to do the right thing, and that greed cannot be the driving force, and therefore a crisis like this could never happen again, and to learn that not only did the man in the street bail out the corporations who are the very people who made the mistakes in the first place. it c cld very well end up happening again n any time. there is a language that wall street uses, and many businesses
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to confuse everybody else. it's actually quite simple to understand if you just eliminate all of the complicated titles and acronymsmsetcetera, and adam does that with this film by just giving human faces to the consequences of ese tools that wall street uses. therefore you don't need to know these terminologies. you don't need to know what a credit default swap is. it's described to you by margot robbie, and selena gomez and by anthony bourdain. during the film they will describe it for you, but the point is, what you need to know ishe consequence of what happens. adam tells it in a very entertaining, comical, and heartbreaking manner. >> how can the banks let this happen? it's fueled by stupidity. >>it's fueled by stupidity. that's not stupidity, that's >> fraud. >> tell me the difference between stupid and illegal and i'll have my wife's brotherr arrested. ryan: ththe are no clear heroeoe they're walking a moraray ambiguous tightrope. i'm sure it felt less like that at the time because it's their job to capitalize on an
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they found this loophole they went for it. i'm sure as it escalated they came to understand what the gravity of it might be, but what i love about the film is that the film never celebrates the heist. you think you are on a ride thatt mamas you think they're e ing to bebeelebrating this big heist that they're going to pull off, but right when you think that's about to happen brad pitt's character comes in and really kind of lays down the moral law, and tells them that they should have the decency not to dance. adam: i think it's a rare case where we had this massive system that had become completely fraudulent, and none of us knew it? how could it be that there are billions of people around the world, and we alalthought it was hunky dory even though the warning signs were there. so i think what was interesting to me was, why did these people see it when we didn't, includi myself. why did so many other professional bankers with impressive degrees not see this? so i think it's a story about the collapse, but it's also a story about how do you see the truth? what happens when consensual reality blinds us, when the
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just agree with people because everyone is saying that? so i really liked those dynamics about what it says about our culture and society, and how people interact with the truth and in groups. we target strippers with bad >>we target strippers with bad loans. >> all cash! >> you're not going to be able to refinance. on all my loans? what do you mean alalyour what do you mean alal your loans? >> i have 5 hous. >> we heard something on the roof. >> what the hell is this? >> when a family takes christmas for granted, they unintentionally awaken a demon that punishes them for being naughty, in "krampus." >> oh wow. thank you. it looks -- wow. >> move it. move it. we have to keep the traffic jam going now. let me help you. toni: you think you know what's happening, and then it goes even further.
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film, and you know it's kind of a wishy, slightly dry, slightly heightened family comedy, and then it swiftly takes you someplace completely unexpected. my character starts out as being someone so controlling, such a perfectionist, and she just has to let go of all of it. it's about them unifying and fighting back. everything she wants out of christmas is to being her family together, and she's so unsuccessful at it, and ironically this hideous krampus dude comes into their lives, and what she wishes for comes about, but in a really unexpected way. >> it looks like martha stewart threw up in here. this is delicious, honey. it's a little dry. >> >> well, mine is delicious. >> mine is dry. >> you want to trade? adam: there is always a burn out for everybody. by the time christmas actually hits everyone is so ready for this thing to be over, and i think the movie is sort of harnessing that, and putting a family in the middle of it, and trying to get them to get that original christmas spirit back. that's why i was really taken by how sweet the movie is at it's core, how kind of pure and
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therers all the horror stuff as well, but there's something else underneath it that's really interesting. >> he is the shadow of saint
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>> we returned and we've got a lot more news to show, only on "the hollywood news reportrt >> all hail macbeth that shall be king hereafter. i feel now, the future. hail, king that shall be. >> its murder and betrayal as michael fassbender's political ambition gets the better of him, in justin kurzel's adaptation of william shakespeare's "macbeth." >> a a hail macbeth, that shall be king hereafter. michael: if somebody was going to give me the opportunity to play macbeth, it would be kind chicken, or whatever you want to call it. the challenge was there.
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and honor to be e le to take on shakespeare, especially on a level like this, and to do it on film. it was really not a difficult sort of answer. it was a no-brainer in terms of taking on the job, but yes i was nervous, and at times a little sort of scared. marion: a lot of amazing actresses portrayeyelady macbeth before, and delivered amazing performances. i have to say i felt this pressure, and i wanted to create a different, unique lady macbeth, which is really hard. i mean when you start you don't know if you're going to find someone who is as powerful, but as different as interpretations before, but we had to dive in the work and see what was coming from the energy that we shared all together.
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>hat's done is done. >> i could see alear projector of the character, and starting from that platform of posttraumatic stress disorder, everything sort of then made sense to me. lady macbeth says we've seen him suffer from these fits before. so we know that before the play starts that he's suffering with something. this is not a first occurrence, when he e arts to lose controlol of a situation, or seems to be somewhere else, that a very classic symptom of posttraumatic stress disorder. the idea that he can't sleep, that's another classic example, and the idea that perhaps the witches are real, or perhaps they're part of a hallucination. from thererehings became very tangible for me to play, and mama a lot of sense for me, and therefore gave me a big key into the mind of the character, and the psyche of him.
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their stead, curses. >> a superhero the size of an aunt. new on dvd. >> my days of breaking into places and stealing stuff are over. what do you want me to do? >> i want you to break into a place and steal some stuff. paul rudd goes from burglar to >>paul rudd goes from burglar to superhero in, "ant-man." new on dvd. >> now dive through the keyhole, scott. you charge big, you dive small, then you emerge big. >> ow! >> this special feature takes
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>> ladies and gentlemen, we proudly welcome to the hollywood walk of fame, amy poehler! >> she's a saturday night live alumni who achieved commercial success by going for the laughs in comedies like, "mean girls" "blades of glory", "baby mama" and on her hit tv show "parks and recreation." now hollywood is celebrating golden globe-winning actress amy poehler by giving her a star on the walk of fame. rashida: so a close friend of amy's was meant to speak on her behalf today, but dropped out so i'm just here filling in last minute. since she was always so pleasant with me, i happily obliged. i thought it was better maybe just to read the speech by her dearest friend, who sadly, couldn't be here today. so, this was written by johnny depp. "my golden haloed angel baby, nothing will ever rival the pleasure i get from standing next to you, basking in your feminine glow.
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embracing you in my pirate arms, kissing every womanly inch of you as you helped me apply my eyeliner. i was so proud of you. few have managed to become the timeless comedy icon you are, while still managing to keep dudes like me on our toes, wondering if and when they will ever be able to wife you up. you have accomplished so much, and all of it looking as sexy as you do. you deserve more than a star on the hollywood walk of fame. you deserve all of the stars in the sky, a thousand puppies wrapped in bows, a tender hot oil massage and " oh wait, this is getting a little personal. oh, and there's a drawing. there're children here so i'm just going to skip the rest of this. amy: growing up as the daughter of two public school teachers, i knew very little about hollywood or los angeles. i had never seen the walk of fame. i had no brush with greatness. i knew no one that was an actor or a writer. i met mr. green jeans from captain kangaroo once, and that was it. i never imagined i would be here. really, it is truly a genuine honor, and i got here through
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standing here at a podium feels very natural, and a ceremony like this feels exactly like something we'd do on parks and recreation, and i think leslie@ nope would have loved to have given me this star. in many ways she has. so thank you very, very much for honoring me today. >> that's it for this week. please join us next time on "the hollywood news report," where
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entertainment is news. announcer: this week in agribusiness, serving america's most essential industry, with agriculture broadcasters orion samuelson, and max armstrong.
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